Taihang Water Town Scenic Area Night Tour Project

Taihang Water Town is located in the core hinterland of Beijing Xiongbao: the Baoding Yixian Comprehensive Tourism Center. It is a cultural, tourism, and health town built with the charm of Taihang rural areas, where people can see mountains and water and reminisce about their hometown. Taking light and shadow+interactive content as the main theme, shooting+showcasing+appreciating+playing as the means, various innovative techniques such as lighting projection and interactive devices are combined with natural conditions, night tourism landscape design, visual art, new media and other content to present an “immersive interactive night tour” activity, allowing tourists to experience and experience a perfect interpretation of story, art, and lighting, creating China’s first panoramic immersive night tour project with rural sentiment. Yishui Homesickness: Creating a Soulful and Sustainable Night Tour with Vitality… North China Night Tour NO1