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We are a Lighting brand which has been born into cultural tourism lighting projects. It's time to create a new feeling.

starter from stage lighting

Our journey began in 2012

Guangzhou Hetu Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, focuses on one-stop customized lighting solutions for global cultural and tourism projects, and uses light and shadow art and technological innovation to create landmark buildings with more design imagination, dynamic expression and visual impact.

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A perfect fit for custom lighting solutions

Designed to be versatile

People-oriented, satisfaction first. Relying on strong product self-research and manufacturing capabilities, Hetu incorporates a variety of classic elements such as astrology, yin and yang, etc. into product design, and interprets traditional culture with fashionable lamps in a new way, realizing the compatibility of national fashion and blessing feelings. The company has a strict quality control system. Each shipment must undergo multiple inspections and tests. The original lighting combination solutions have been used in hundreds of well-known scenic spots at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted by partners.

Simplicity in design and form

We’re ready for challenge

Hetu Lighting has a keen insight into the development trend of the global cultural and tourism industry. While introducing international advanced lighting technology and artistic concepts, it also adheres to cultural confidence and product confidence, and uses exquisite creativity to combine lighting solutions that are more suitable for the characteristics of scenic spots. And set up a complete service support team, providing integrated installation and commissioning, use training and tracking support, and is committed to becoming a promoter and innovator of the cultural and tourism lighting industry.

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