Framing Projector 200W ZOOM

ZOOM, RGBALC color mixings, 200W 6-in-1 LED

Framing Projector 200W ZOOM is a new IP66-rated outdoor 200W LED framing projector art light with advanced RGBLAC light source and zoom function. This projector allows you to make complex shapes with 8 framing blades and provides a stunning array of RGBLAC color mixings with unparalleled brightness and clarity, making it ideal for any indoor and outdoor applications where the framing shapes needed on the building and floor.


Light Source: 1x200W RGBALC 6-in-1 LED
Power Max: 250W
Lifespan: 20000-50000Hrs

Zoom: 20° – 42° adjustable
Framing System: 1 framing module (8 Blades/Rotation)
Color System: RGBLAC color mixings
Focus: Motorized Focus 0 – 100%

Control Modes: RDM, DMX512, Manual
Channels: 24CH
Housing: Die-casting Aluminum, Silver/Black color
Connections: Waterproof cables – Power in/out, 3Pin DMX in/out
IP Rating: IP66 Outdoor
Weight: 6.9 Kgs
Dimension: 299 * 207 * 299 mm