Zhejiang Huzhou Night Tour Project

Huzhou Digang Village is located in Nanxun District and Hefu Town, which is known as “a land of fish and rice, and a network of water”. There is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. In the center of heaven is Digang, a fishing village.

We have explored exclusive cultural IP for Digang Village, allowing each effective space in the fishing village to tell its own creativity, organically connecting each scenic spot, and creating a night tour story with beautiful memories. We have implanted light, electricity, music, five senses and other experiences into the night tour environment. Cultural performances at night are the main force for attracting visitors to Digang Village. We have focused on fragmentary explosive points in the form of micro-performances, and endowed local cultural elements for IP incubation; we have used deconstructionism to decompose and recombine the “fish” and “mulberry” cultures, and truly interpreted the “fish and mulberry culture”; we have used a variety of new media art interactive devices to enhance stickiness with tourists. Finally, we have created a unique and differentiated work of art.

Performance + light and shadow + interactive content is used as the means to achieve the goal of shooting + showing + appreciating + playing. It uses a variety of innovative techniques such as lighting, projection, interaction, stage effects, new media art, character performance, sound effects and voice-overs, combined with natural conditions, night tour landscaping, visual art, new media and other content to present a magical story of “fish” and “mulberry”, allowing tourists to experience and feel a feast of stories, art and lights, and create China’s first large-scale immersive mulberry fish pond night tour project.